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CrewLAB is a team training log, record book and data analyst all in one. We keep it simple and make training more effective.

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iPhone running CrewLAB app that shows charts displaying workout data


Strengthen team culture and engagement virtually


Encourage positive rivalry and personal development


Easily collect data and see the big picture

Instant training feedback

Find out who broke a record and who needs help. Your athletes can record workouts in seconds with a quick scan and a thoughtful reflection.

Intrasquad competition

Activate positive rivalry on your team with automatic leaderboards. Athletes see where they stack up against the legends of the team and their previous selves.

Center of team engagement

Convert a flat training log into a conversation. Allow your rowers to encourage each other, banter and share memories. Boost accountability and bring the team together.

Complete training history

Every session and record is at your fingertips. Workout data is automatically organized for analysis.

Level up your team with CrewLAB

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