Team Dynamic Coach Survey

Please take some time to compare the four charts below that use different Leadership and Responsiveness variables to identify the Team Dynamic. While all the charts are similar, the variables are very different calculations, and we would like your feedback as to which seems the most accurate compared to real life observations.

This data visualization samples the first three five minute pieces of a session in May of 2016, just before Championship Regattas

Session Data Notes

  • Seating Order from Bow to Stern for the first piece = Luisa, Judy, Fredrika, Marvina, Claudette, Edna, Catalina, and Thea.
  • Note that Frederika was swapped out for Deanna in Piece B and C. The data label still says Fredrika for all three pieces.

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  • All the charts are interactive, and you can choose which data you want to view by using the check boxes on the right.
  • The left hand charts show the consistency patterns of the work generated by each athletes over each piece. Taller and narrower charts are better.
  • For the right hand charts, both Leadership and Responsiveness scores are higher for athletes who are more connected with their teammates and the overall Team Dynamic.
The confidential data is posted on an unlinked and hidden webpage here, names were changed by the Team’s coach before CrewLAB saw the data

Team Survey for Coaches

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