SmartOar Research Project 2020 - Update

Using SmartOar data provided by a top NCAA Rowing Team, the CrewLAB team have identified and created a new spectrum of athlete metrics. Metrics that aren’t just new to rowing, but also new in the fields of Team Dynamics and sports science. This exciting and groundbreaking development opens the door to a whole new areas of sport science research, and will foster a whole new system of Team Dynamic Performance Identification and Development.

The SmartOar data set supplied was processed through multiple regressions using cutting edge data science and the elite rowing knowledge and insight of the CrewLAB team. Several very strong correlations and relationships were successfully identified, and then refined into metrics of Team Dynamics.

We are now exploring and developing the actual physical outputs of Team Dynamics (or team chemistry) in a rowing eight. We have identified two key interrelated components of Team Chemistry Dynamics, and have started to create other metrics to capture and measure each athletes contribution to a team. The two base metrics are:

Leadership. An athlete’s ability to influence teammates, either positively or negatively

Responsiveness. An athlete’s ability to cooperate and integrate with teammates, or to respond either positively or negatively to others leadership

We can now measure the characteristics that make people better suited to the different seats in a boat, and also identify the teammates whose talents magnify each other. This is exciting for coaches, because if you can measure an ability, you can develop and improve those abilities. Building these abilities will give your team the edge it needs to win championships!

Athlete Profiles created from the Digital Data Only

Using the raw data, CrewLAB was able to digitize the athletes, and create distinct profiles for each athlete. We then overlaid our decades of rowing coaching knowledge to create our best estimates as to how these athletes would be likely to behave if observed in real life. This has been done as a demonstration of the depth of information in the SmartOar data from a single days training. Data that is currently being recorded by teams using SmartOars, but not being used to improve performance.

The feedback from the coaches of this team were that our data based predictions of the athletes were >85% accurate on average across the crew. Very good results from 1000 miles away!

Sample Athlete Report for Individuals

The confidential data is posted on an unlinked and hidden webpage here, names were changed by the Team’s coach before CrewLAB saw the data