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Engage Athletes. Boost Culture.

Proven to retain your team, improve engagement, and simplify coaching.

How CrewLAB Works

We made this interactive demo to give coaches, athletes and administrators a simple way to see what CrewLAB actually does for a team.

A day in the life with CrewLAB

Based on a true story about how a junior club coach used CrewLAB to make her team successful and keep her athletes fired up.

CrewLAB Guides

Confident Soccer Coach

Getting Started (Coaches)

Team Calendar | Athlete Availability | Team Chat

Girls Performing Dab Dance


Training journal | Video feedback | wellness check-in

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Team at a glance | Social Insights


Parent portal | Communication

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Engage Your Athletes.
Empower Your Team.

1:1 CrewLAB Welcome
Guided setup
Ongoing support

Book a live demo to get started.

Want to explore it yourself? Here's the interactive demo >


  • Has this been tested? Who else uses it?
    Rowing and running teams across the US are loving the platform. 98% of surveyed athletes shared that using CrewLAB is a positive experience and coaches regularly refer us.
  • Why should I care?
    ENGAGE YOUR ATHLETES We fire up your team on CrewLAB by creating your own group — an environment designed for success INSPIRE GOOD BEHAVIOR ****Athletes start journaling and hold themselves accountable to the plan because we make it fun. UNITE YOUR TEAM ****On top of that - we’ll keep your video, team chats, calendar & leaderboards all in one place. In short, we help help coaches elevate each athlete’s experience. That’s why 98% of our athletes love us. Coaches today are competing with social media like TikTok and Snapchat for kid’s attention. Leading coaches have worked out that they need to be “meeting athletes where they are at”, using tools to engage their athletes to keep them training for more seasons.
  • So, what does a membership cost?
    Today, it’s only $10 per person per month with no initiation fee (max $300 for now) We give you 2 months for free if you pay for an annual contract upfront A team is typically defined as a squad of athletes that have the same coaches and are on the same training plan, but this is flexible We typically offer bulk discounts when large organizations sign up multiple teams at once If you aren’t loving it within the first month, we will refund you completely without hesitation.
  • What is it?
    Coaches are expected to be everywhere and to know everything. CrewLAB is a digital platform that helps coaches meet those expectations. We combine modern sports science with behavior change psychology to champion athletic achievement and enjoyment.
  • Who is behind CrewLAB?
    We’re all rowers and coaches with tech skills that love our sport and want to see it flourish. We use CrewLAB every single day and work tirelessly to solve real problems for real coaches. We’re influenced by the timeless teachings of the GOAT John Wooden, the latest academic research and the brilliant ideas from our community of coaches. We value Coaching the Whole Athlete, not just their numbers Defining success to give athletes peace of mind from doing their best Prioritizing enjoyment to keep athletes on track to get 1% better every day Letting coaches coach, don’t make their jobs harder than they are Lifting the entire team by creating a culture of contribution
  • How can I get really good at coaching on CrewLAB?
    As part of each team’s CrewLAB membership, we offer three levels of CrewLAB Coach Education Level I (part of Coach Kickoff) runs through what coaches need to do their job & what athletes can expect each day. Level II is designed to get coaches to the next level: from training zones and load management to the best practices for analyzing team health. This is how coaches can learn to harness CrewLAB’s full power. Level III coach education goes beyond our platform into the most meaningful and recurrent issues a coach faces. CrewLAB Founder Simon Hoadley is an expert coach, and we’re excited to offer his resources for select coaches committed to improving their craft. Coaches must complete Levels I & II to access level III.
  • How does this change my life as a coach? Does it make more work?
    CrewLAB is designed to save you time. It centralizes your tools and gets athletes to log their own information regularly. Coxswains can help a lot too! CrewLAB works how you already work: When you’re planning training ⇒ use the Team Calendar to share it easily When you’re reviewing video ⇒ send it and tag it within the app in seconds When you need stats on your team ⇒ access an always-up-to-date Roster When you gotta tell the team where to meet ⇒ blast it to everyone on the Team Chat Don’t ever type an erg score again by hand ⇒ watch them all appear the Workout Log Our coaches use CrewLAB within their existing routines to coach the way they want.
  • How will you support me as I figure this out?
    We offer as much coaching training and team support as you need. Call us literally whenever.
  • How much work is it to get started? I am busy enough!
    Getting the maximum benefit from CrewLAB takes months of repeated use to build positive habits and an interesting set of data However, coaches can learn the platform in an hour. Athletes can learn it in 15 minutes To ease the learning curve, we always run 2 Kickoffs in the first week. Coach Kickoff: So you know exactly how to use CrewLAB, we run each coach through CrewLAB Level I - you’ll learn exactly how to use CrewLAB each day & what athletes can expect. Athlete Kickoff: We host a fun, competitive session with the whole team so they’re bought in on using CrewLAB and understand why it all matters. With our guidance, they immediately feel like they are contributing.
  • What will my parents think?
    Parents are pleased that our coaches are taking steps to look after the mental health of their athletes. They like to see the devices that their kids are hooked on cleverly used to make them more active and well.
  • What will my admins/ADs think?
    Administrators appreciate the clear access to metrics that matter to them like attendance and the team culture. They can quickly pull up the history of training for specific athletes and participate with them in a meaningfull 1 on 1 discussion despite not actually having to be present at all training sessions.
  • What will my alumni board think?
    Coaches use CrewLAB to show involved alumni that they do whatever it takes to grow their teams and get faster. We’ve even seen coaches use CrewLAB as a fundraiser! You can make money by upselling the benefits to donors.
  • What will my athletes think?
    98% of surveyed athletes shared that using CrewLAB is a positive experience. Athletes pick it up and have fun with it in no time making them more hyped to be on your team. See what our athletes are saying: Athletes Testimonials
  • What will my compliance office think?
    CrewLAB takes the concepts of Data Security, Privacy and SafeSport seriously. We have created a document that outlines our Data Security here. We make it easy to build roster lists for compliance around tasks like tracking attendance. And our athlete portal is built to allow only SafeSport compliance communication to occur. Everyone can see everything and there are no private chats
  • Does everything get shared with everyone?
    All of your data resides within your team, no one outside can see anything. The whole team can see workouts and chats so there isn’t room for bullying or secrecy. Coaches have the elevated ability to moderate the experience and view the wellness journals.
  • Is there more than the standard package of tools?
    Yes. CrewLAB TalentID for Organizations & NGBs A simple, unified hub for orgs that need to keep data & media up to date on a wide cross section of athletes. Let the athletes themselves help you the guesswork out of your talent pipeline. Camp CrewLAB for Summer Camps A product for coaches to increase the value of their camps and save admin time while giving their athletes more feedback and tangible Highlights to takeaway from their experience. LabCats for Individual Rowers Data-driven training plans for athletes that need the maximum gains for the minimum time required. All workouts are personalized to the athlete and come with specific targets. Custom Services For select clients, like USRowing, we have gone beyond the scope of the platform to help run camps, do advanced data analysis and anything else that their coaches need to succeed.
  • This is cool, but there is no chance my team can afford it
    Tell us about your situation at We can get creative.
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