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Join the LabCats
Training Community

Gain more speed in less time with new teammates


Improve your fitness and health with new teammates.

LabCats is perfect for anyone wanting to improve fitness, technique and overall speed when it comes to rowing.

No contracts -
opt out at anytime.

You'll get access to our LabCats program for $50/month.


Train smarter with a custom training plan.

Our data scientists will create personalized training plans based on your own fitness levels and goals.

Train when it suits you – online and at home.

We'll be hosting coached zoom sessions and two self serve sessions per week. We provide the workouts – so you can sit back and row.


We believe that training should be simpler. We coach our athletes to grow systematically — without breaking their backs or their schedules. The best plans are easy to follow because they are created just for you and backed by leading sports science.

For just $50/month, you'll get:

  • Custom pace targets for optimal intensity.

  • Online coaching to help you train faster and more efficiently.

  • Expert feedback on performance and technique.

  • Custom training plan based on your own goals and fitness levels.

  • Access to the CrewLAB leaderboards and our community.

  • Access to the exclusive CrewLAB app to track your training.

  • No contracts – you can opt out at anytime.

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