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CrewLAB Summer Internship Opportunities

What is CrewLAB?

Sports coaches are expected to be everywhere and know everything… CrewLAB is a digital platform designed to make that possible.

What we’re offering:

📈 a chance to join an extremely early-stage startup backed by an incredible set of investors

🖥️ the opportunity to work IRL with a team of co-workers and hopefully friends :)

💸 full time opportunities (salary + equity possible) on program completion

Available Roles

  • creative director / growth marketing intern

  • Cross Platform App Development Intern (Flutter)

  • No-Code Web App Developer (Bubble)

  • DevOps/Automation Engineer Intern

  • Data Analysis for Customer Success / Intern

  • product designer

  • product manager

🎉 Please reach out to me at if you are interested in learning more.

Otherwise apply at this link.

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