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Invitation to Participate in a Coaching Study: Understanding coaches perceptions of athlete developm

Are you a coach or an aspiring coach looking to enhance your understanding of athlete development? Look no further than our latest research project, led by Jessica Brougham of the Department of Sport Management at the University of Florida. Jess is currently a coach at Gainesville Area Rowing, so this study is intended to help serve us in the rowing community. This study is IRB approved and results will be disseminated back to CrewLAB.

Our project is focused on understanding coaches' perceptions of athlete development and the organizational factors that can impact their ability to put these perceptions into practice. We want to hear from coaches of all levels and from all sports to gain insights into what they believe are the key factors that contribute to athlete success, and the challenges they face in realizing that success.

If you are interested in participating, we ask that you fill out a 10-minute survey that explores your experiences as a coach and your perceptions of athlete development. Your input is invaluable and could help to shape the future of coaching and athlete development.

In addition, we are offering 120 $25 gift cards for detailed and thorough responses. To be considered for this, please provide your name and email at the end of the survey when redirected.

At the heart of this project is the belief that understanding the complex dynamics of athlete development requires input from those who are on the front lines of coaching.

By participating in our project, you will be helping to advance our understanding of what it takes to develop elite athletes, while also helping to identify the organizational factors that can support or impede this process.

So if you are a coach or know someone who is, please share your thoughts in our research project. Together, we can unlock the secrets of athletic success and help coaches to reach their full potential.

Start now by clicking on this link.

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