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Unleashing the Fire Within: Coaching Student Athletes with Passion

Get stoked for the third episode of Coach's Corner, where we dive deep into the minds of incredible coaches. Step into the world of Mike Lane, Director of Rowing and the Head Coach of Women's Rowing at Jacksonville University. In this episode, Host David Kerns and Coach Lane talk about igniting passion, setting realistic goals, embracing technology, and more!

To catch the full interview, watch the video below or keep reading as we break down the top takeaways from this conversation. C'mon!


Fueling the Boathouse with Passion

Lane, a veteran coach with over 25 years of collegiate-level experience, reveals the secret behind his daily enthusiasm is to be driven by passion and easily ignited by his student athletes' energy. Whether it's a Friday afternoon practice filled with excitement or a Tuesday morning session where the athletes are a bit sluggish, Coach Lane's unwavering enthusiasm keeps the fire alive. He firmly believes that as long as the energy of his athletes fuels him, he's on the right path.

Crafting a Championship Culture

From competing at the NCAA championships to experiencing the joy of victory, Lane showcases the power of a championship culture. The success of Jacksonville Rowing stems from setting realistic goals, celebrating small wins, and aiming for progress.

Lane explains that success is built step by step and encourages his athletes to embrace the journey. By breaking down lofty goals into manageable chunks, athletes can experience continuous growth, fostering a winning team culture. Further, Lane shares the importance of attracting dedicated athletes who are passionate about both their studies and athletic experience. Lane's stories are a reminder that success is not limited to championship title; it lies in every achievement, big or small.

Individual Goal-Setting & Inspiring Growth

While team goals are important, Lane emphasizes the significance of individual goal-setting. He believes that each athlete's journey is unique, and helping them set tangible goals is crucial for their growth. By focusing on personal achievements and continuous improvement, athletes stay motivated and driven. Genuine care and respect for athletes go a long way.


Coach Mike Lane's coaching journey is a testament to the power of passion, setting attainable goals, and fostering a winning team culture. Athletes and coaches can draw inspiration from his unwavering dedication, continuous learning, and adaptability. Embracing technologies and leveraging innovative tools, like CrewLAB, can empower athletes to reach their full potential. Coach Lane's story serves as a reminder that success is not just defined by championships but lies in the growth, resilience, and shared experiences of a team. So, ignite your passion, set your goals, and make the change you want to see in your teams!

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