Study into Optimizing Sprint Training in Rowers

Tips and Advice (29 March 9am)
- Time to test!

Thanks for taking the time to help us with this study. Simon

Week 11 - 1k Test Week

1000m All Out Sprint.

We want to strongly encourage a Fly and Fade type race profile.

So we will score for the following factors.

In the 1st 200m remember the Peak Watts (this number you x1)
1st 500m Average Watts (this number you x3)
2nd 500m Ave Watts (this number you x1)

So if your
peak watt is 700W
1st 500m is 500w
2nd 500m is 350w
You get (700x1) + (500x3) + (350x1) = 2550 points

But basically just go hard early and hold on as long as you can like the charts below.

Set the Erg
Distance 1000m and remember to set the split length to 500m!

The experiment will be designed to gauge the effective application of the latest sports science principles in a rowing specific environment.

Key Training Concepts To Remember

- We are trying to maximize intensity, and especially time spent at or above VO2max.
- Doing pacing and using recovery correctly are critical.
- Recovery periods are just as important as the work periods
- All sessions have pacing as the starting point. Aim to start at your suggested pace and go up if capable later in the session.
- Passive rest is often better for most of these sessions
- You will recover slowly. Sleep and nutrition are important
- You should focus on volume of exercise in your 'off days' if you decide to work out on those days.
- You are welcome to add volume to your warm up (40min or 5min warm up are both fine)
- Advise you minimize your warm downs. Stretching might be better then moving.
Our CrewLAB App for Session Feedback

Team Code is 'superuser'
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Menu items for Simon to add
- All the individual Athlete Dashboards. (CP, Max, W' APR)
- Watts to Split calculator -

Links to Concept2 Logbooks

David K ?
David Frick
Peter - RowPerfect
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Preparation for the Study

Here is the info we shared at the start of the study.

We will have a variety of experienced rowers following a 10 week program with three set sessions per week. Other personal sessions done each week should be similar to the training each participant was doing in the 10 weeks prior to the start of our experiment. To maximize recovery between our sprint sessions we recommend that these personal sessions focus on aerobic training.

Prior to the start of the 10 weeks each participant should do a 1000m All Out (fly and die type pacing) test using a Concept2 erg connected to the Concept2 Logbook so we can analyze the .csv file for the session. Some sample All Out Tests are at the bottom of this page. The test needs to exhaust the Sprinting/Anaerobic capacity of each athlete.
We want to finding the red line so we can start working on both the physical and mental components of going fast. An important skill is getting close to our red line and being okay with sometimes going over the line and failing. Don't be afraid to fail :-)

Recommended timing of the sessions each week is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday/Sunday.