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The Summer Smasher is our 10 week off-season training challenge. 


Designed to fire up athletes with a fun, positive competition, it works with or without any training plan or schedule.

Sunscreen Lotion

June 12th.
12pm Pacific.
We start keeping score.

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What is the Summer Smasher?

The Summer Smasher was developed to keep athletes engaged with their teams and improving their skills no matter where they are.

Coaches using CrewLAB are done playing "what if" with their teams over summer.

Keep your Momentum

You've worked so hard on team culture and habits... Summer Smasher keeps your

momentum going.

Retain Your Athletes

Athletes that communicate and connect will return; that's the heart of Summer Smasher.

Keep your Team Healthy

Summer Smasher is designed to prepare your team mentally and physically for fall.

How does the competition work?


Training points 

Reward positive fitness activity


Leadership points 

Incentivize athletes to engage their teammates.


Wellness points 

Recognize athletes that continue positive habits.

^^ the Summer Smasher Dashboard

Cheyne Inman

West High Cross Country

"It makes it so easy to get info out to the kids. 


I also LOVE how supportive the CrewLAB staff has been!"

What do our current coaches think?

Marcel Stiffey

UCLA Men's Rowing

“In a generation where athletes are glued to screens, CrewLAB is perfect.


It just resonates with the modern athlete."

Chris Chase

USRowing Selection & Development Camps

"I’m totally sold on CrewLAB. 

Every coach in America should be using this."

Ready to learn more?
Here's what's next.

If you're new...

We’re opening up space for 15 new teams to use join CrewLAB.

If you are interested, join

before we fill up:


Teams have reserved


Coaches are interested


Spaces are remaining

For existing teams...

We’re building Summer Smasher directly into CrewLAB. Keep an eye out for Summer Smasher Kickoff Notifications.

Meanwhile, check out Coach Simon's research on optimizing team summer training:

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